How To Accelerate Brain Capabilities

Get 10 tips for creating good habits so that your brain will not only maintain its capabilities but also improve them

The conduct of our lives fluctuates between stimuli that overwhelm us from all sides and a state of routine that slows out functioning. Brain improvement requires consistency and power of will. The question we need to ask ourselves is” what can we do to improve brain function in memory, concentration, and clarity of thought? To do this, we must understand how our brain works. We will do this by presenting 10 simple rules for effective cognitive development.

Improving Brain Functions – 10 Rules

1. Use It or Lose It – Who didn’t find himself doing basic tasks on his cell phone? In our era where everyone holds a mobile phone, there’s a calculator, There is a lot of people who calculating simple stuff even if it is a basic calculation. Is this wise to act like this? Do not strain and let the devices do the job instead of activating the brain? The answer is NOT! The brain is a sophisticated organ and only by stimulating the thought we contribute to its development, among other things by creating connections between the nerve cells that responsible for transferring and processing information. At every moment in our lives, we learn and accumulate more and more knowledge, but if we do not use it, we will forget it. Therefore, it is important to do, even if from time to time, use our existing knowledge in order to preserve it. The thing that we have to do, is, first of all, to try to calculate by ourselves and only when there is no way out, check with an alternative measure.

2. Challenge Yourself With New Activities – Our cognitive development heavily depends on the way we use our brain. Try to learn new things, adopt a new topic or activity that is unfamiliar and create an interest that will encourage the process of learning and brain development. This can be expressed by choosing any unfamiliar activity, such as studying of e even a new sport.

Brain Improvement Fanctions

The Importance of food and exercises to improve brain functions.

3. Eating Right Think Right – Did you know that our brain, while weighing 2% of our weight, needs more than 2o% of the total oxygen and food we consume? Therefore, beyond the importance of preserving knowledge, it is important that we maintain proper eating habits. The intention here is mainly not to eat what doesn’t makes us feels good and potentially harm us.

4. Keep The Shape and Sporty Body – a Physical activity of any age increases the production of nerve cells that contribute to our brain activity and normal functioning. So from tomorrow morning start walking, dancing, running or exercising in the gym. All sports are welcome.

Healthy Food Brain Functions

Always Think Positive

5. A Healthy Soul In A Healthy Body – Stress and anxiety contribute to the destruction of nerve cells and even preventing the creation of new once. Therefore, it is very important to practice positive thoughts to maintain stability. How do you do this? First, always believe in yourself, give yourself and the people around you positive feelings.

6. Laugh Contributes to health – Humor is contributing a lot to positive thoughts and good cognition development. For example, jokes, beyond the complexity they can sometimes have, are first of all interesting. The act of trying to understand the joke will encourage the activity of the knowledge bases in your brain.

7. Any change is actually a new beginning – It is worth knowing that the human brain continues to develop all the time. When you find a new comfort zone, try to find new challenges and places. That will encourage your brain to acquire more knowledge and learn.

Good Thinking Brain Development functions

8. Change a Place – Did you decided to start something new? Great! You should know that adjusting to new places increases the use of the brain and encourage its development!

9. Take responsibility and be independent – Trust yourself in taking new decisions. This action contributes to the maintenance of the regular brain activity and increasing and improving brain functions. It’s important to remember! When you come to make a decision, try not to ask for advice from anyone around – Take independent decisions! Let yourself be wrong, you can only learn and develop.

10. Don’t give up on social interaction – Human, is a social creature, he is heavily nourished by interaction with other individuals in his environment. Therefore, when coming to acquire new knowledge, it is recommended not to rely solely on content that comes from computerized media such as television, because it does not actually interaction. Even if you’ve learned something new from the media, remember to share with your friends!

Take a moment to think, if you want to develop and make progress, ma a decision with yourself, choose one tip at the beginning and then another. Get used to it today and slowly you will continue to persevere and see how your brain functions improve.



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