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Cognitive Decline Explained – Facts and Treatment

The brain, like every organ of the body, ages over the time. Aging involves cell death – This process can cause cognitive decline in our physical and mental abilities. difficulty in blood flow in small blood vessels that lead to oxygen and glucose to the brain, Disintegration of myelin – the insulating material of the nerve cell extensions, Decrease in the production of some neurotransmitters – the inter-transmitter. On the other hand, the brain has an enormous reserve that varies from person to person and is most vital when the brain withdrawal processes go through the critical stage. I order for this reserve to assist us when necessary, paths must be created to make it available.


What is a Cognitive Decline

There is a way out

Aging of the brain doesn’t necessarily lead to aging of the function of the brain “thought-cognition”. Brain scans of people who functioned wonderfully until the last years of their long lives (until the 10th decade) showed a picture of a brain in advanced degeneration, as opposed to other cases.

This is a functional concept. people who are defined as suffering from cognitive decline will be those who have lost some of the mental skills that have characterized them in the past. A sharp decline in attention and concentration, and especially in memory and orientation.

The processes can be treated both medically and through cognitive training, in the very first steps of the decline process.

It isn’t natural

Cognitive decline is not a necessity. Until recently we thought that cognitive decline is part of natural aging, of healthy aging. We assumed that just as at a certain age their running speed decreases or the attitude to which they jump can fall, so too memory and totality of cognitive functions must decrease.

An Israeli study conducted by the Brookdale Institute, headed by Dr.Eli Wetman, showed that 37% of the elderly maintained their cognitive abilities up to the tenth decade of life (over the age of 90). Even if there is a natural decrease, it is not universal.

This is an opening of hope for a change in trend and prevention of cognitive decline or at least a postponement of several years. Prevention or even rejection is a way to significantly improve the quality of life of old people.



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